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The culurgionis of potatoes and cheeses are a dish of the agropastoral tradition of Ogliastra, a small Sardinian province that overlooks the enchanting Tyrrhenian coast, nestled between sea and mountain, although over the years it has spread throughout the Sardinian territory. It is a product with ancient origins and was made with the typical elements of the Ogliastrina economy, first of all cheese and potatoes. The Festa di Sant'Anna in Tortolì is famous where for over 300 years women have been offering this typical dish in the beach in Orrì after a full night of preparation.
Each village in Ogliastra claims as its own the recipe of true culurgionis but in fact anyone, using the products it had available, ended up creating its own first course, one different from the other for flavors and textures, but united all by the fact that we cannot ignore three main elements that characterize it: potatoes, cheeses and mint. But the peculiar and unmistakable aspect is its realization: it starts from a disc of circular pasta on which the filling is laid and then the dough flaps are joined in a closure called "spiked seam" that just looks like a lace. The thumb and forefinger now move in unison to the right, now to the left creating a central motif that encloses a rich filling of potatoes and cheeses.
Pastificio - Pasticceria Kiroza, following its philosophy of making genuine Sardinian products, proposes culurgionis according to the traditional recipe, using real fresh field potatoes (industrial products use potato starch) and ogliastrini cheeses, in anyway not diverting from the genuine artisan ogliastrino product made by the housewives in their kitchens ... potatoes continue to be boiled and ground as they used to be, just as cheeses are always grated if necessary so as to prepare the filling of our plate (qui refuso da cancellare “della..”). Kiroza culurgionis are characterized by being made with a thin puff pastry that must only welcome and not cover the majesty of the filling. Given the explosion of flavors that comes from eating such a delicacy, the seasoning must accompany but not cover this stuffed pasta so the first recipe refers to the classic way of serving culurgionis.