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The sebadas are perhaps the sardinian dessert best known and most sought after by those who for the first time want to taste the typical products of the island. It consists of a puff pastry that contains flavored cheese, in the case of Sebadas Kiroza, with lemon zest. It is a dessert that must be fried and served hot with a generous amount of excellent Sardinian honey on it. For this reason these must be served and enjoyed well warm in order to fully appreciate the combination of the cheese, which as a result of cooking will have become soft and enveloping, and the honey that will garnish it.
The honey to be used is usually a sweet honey, thistle, millefiori, citrus fruits But an excellent combination is the one that sees the sebadas accompanied by strawberry honey, sardinian bitter honey. Value mentioning the strong taste that chestnut honey can give. The choice is wide and the decision is difficult because the result will always be amazing!