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Kiroza DolcePasta by Elisabetta Tendas & c. sas, has been operating for over 25 years in the production of typical Sardinian fresh food pasta in general and in the production and marketing of typical Sardinian sweets. It has its production and point of sale in Santa Maria Navarrese, a charming seaside hamlet of the Municipality of Baunei, in the Province of Ogliastra. It is made up entirely of women by the owner Elisabetta who took her mother Rosanna's sweet legacy, together with her sister Sabine. The two sisters are responsible for the production and marketing of the products respectively. The current market of the company is all Sardinia and Italy and recently the company is also establishing itself in the whole European one. It is remarkable that Ogliastra is a "blue zone", one of the territories with the highest longevity rate in the world. This is undoubtedly also due to the healthy and genuine food of these parts. With sales growth, constant in recent years, no compromise has been made with respect to the quality and authenticity of raw materials and finished products. In fact, the raw materials are chosen by the local production of shepherds and farmers who grow and raise extensively and according to organic criteria on uncontaminated territories. The products are made according to the oldest and original recipes of the Sardinian tradition, adapted to modern food and wine needs without ever divert its meaning and originality. Genuineness is also guaranteed by the fact that the methods of storage of packaged products do not include the use of preservatives of any kind added to the finished product. The result is products that stand out for their genuineness and pleasantness that make them indistinguishable from those homemade by the most experienced housewife.