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Ingredients for 4 people: No. 4 Sebadas Kiroza Seed oil for frying Millefiori honey Difficulty:Low Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time : 10 minutes Cost : low Preparation 1. Put a pan on the stove and pour in oil suitable for frying, sunflower oil or peanut oil. The oil should not be abundant but enough to cover the Sebadas Kiroza 2. Bring the oil to a temperature of about 160 °C and when it is hot immerse the Sebadas Kiroza. By helping yourself with a spoon you can spray with oil the surface of the Sebadas Kiroza to make it easier to color. 3. As soon as the surface of the part in contact with the oil is golden, help you with two forks turn the Sebadas Kiroza and proceed to gild the second side. Be careful in this operation not to pierce the Sebadas Kiroza thus avoiding the spillage of the cheese that will begin to melt inside. 4. As soon as both sides are golden, drain the Sebadas Kiroza, lay it on an absorbent paper. 5. Put the freshly cooked Sebadas Kiroza in a saucer and season it with plenty of honey. Be generous with honey because when the cake is cut this will wrap the cheese inside
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