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FREGOLA WITH CLAMS In Sardinian dialet "frigula chin cocciula", is a typical recipe of Sardinia very tasty to serve always or during important occasions. Its exceptional flavor and creamy texture lend themselves very well to be tasted on every occasion. • Difficulty: easy • Preparation :30 minutes • Cooking time:30 minutes • Cost: average • 1 hour for clam purging Ingredients for 4 people: • 1 kg of arselle • Gm 250 Sardinian fregola Kiroza • Gm 150 peeled tomatoes or a handful of fresh tomatoes • 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil • 2 cloves of garlic • Gm 50 White wine • Parsley, salt and pepper q.b. Preparation 1. Start with cleaning the clams: wash them well by rinsing them first under running water and then soaking them in a container of lightly salted fresh water for a few hours. 2. After the time drain the clams and if you notice any of them broken or open discard it. 3. Put a large container on the stove on which you heat a round of oil and a clove of peeled garlic, then dig the clams and cover with a lid. Raise the temperature to the maximum and let them open for 4-5 minutes. The clams will hatch and release a little cooking liquid. Once ready drain them and filter the cooking liquid or with a strainer or using sterile gauze to eliminate any residue of sand or shells. Keep half of the clams whole, they will serve for decoration while the other half will have to be outshelled. Set aside the clams and cooking liquid and continue with the bottom in which to cook the fregola. 4. Put a saucepan on the stove and pour a drizzle of oil and heat together with another clove of garlic, as soon as the bottom is warm remove the garlic. Put the clams aside, leaving aside the ones with the shell, and blend with the white wine and let it back slightly. Combine the cooking liquid of the clams. Then add the chopped peeled tomatoes, or if you want the fresh cherry tomatoes, and let flavor for a couple of minutes. 5. Add the Kiroza fregola. Mix as you do with the rice and wet from time to time or with a fish broth or vegetable broth. In the absence of these two elements it is enough to wet the fregola with water. The fregola will cook in about 12-15 minutes 6. Towards the end of cooking adjust salt and pepper and insert the clams with the shell left aside. 7. Turn off the stove and introduce the previously chopped parsley. 8. The fregola must be eaten hot in order to drink of all the flavors it is able to release or you can store it in the fridge
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