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Fresh Pasta Rosanna Chironi and c. sas, operating for over 30 years in the production of typical food fresh pasta ogliastrina and Sardinia in general and in the production and commercialization of typical Sardinian sweets. The current market of the company is dell'Ogliastra (defined area of the east coast of Sardinia) and Sardinia and recently is emerging also in the Italian and European. With the growth of sales, no compromise has been made with respect to the quality and authenticity of raw materials and finished products. In fact, the raw materials are chosen by the local production of shepherds and farmers who grow and extensively bred and based on biological criteria in our unpolluted areas. Furthermore the methods of preservation of the packaged products do not include the use of preservatives of any type added to the finished product. The result are products that are characterized by authenticity and charm that make them indistinguishable from those made at home by the expert housewives.

La Pasta Fresca di Chironi Rosanna & C. sas
Via S'Olidone Longu, 34
08040 Santa Maria Navarrese (Baunei) OG
P.IVA 0146800913
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